Ensure “Lift-Off” in Your Marketing Campaign Launch (Part I)

How would you like to ensure a successful and reusable marketing campaign launch? In our next two posts, we’re going to examine 5 essential keys to make that possible. Once you have these basics down, you can use them over and over again.


The 5 essential keys are:

  • Define your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Put an effective sales offer to work
  • Avoid marketing pitfalls
  • Develop a world-class marketing perspective
  • Get results!

Let’s take a look at each one these so you can see exactly how they fit together. You’ll also discover how they affect the overall outcome of your marketing campaign.

Define your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Take the time to ask yourself some questions from the prospective of the customers/clients. If you were your prospective client, what would it take to get your attention? What needs do you have that must be met? What are the promises you want fulfilled?

Once you know the answers to these questions you can start putting together a plan to meet these needs. Your USP is what you are “promising” your customers/clients. It would be extremely helpful to take a look at what USP your competitors are using. This will be crucial to help you develop your own USP which will clearly demonstrate your market dominating position and help your prospects to see how you differ from your competitors.

Put an effective sales offer to work

  1. Put together a headline that gets immediate attention.
  2. Share benefits of your products/services (speaking from the customers’ perspective).
  3. Identify the specific needs met by your products/services.
  4. Make it easy to do business with you by offering guarantees. (Remove the risk!)
  5. Share your specific sales proposition.
  6. Guide your customer’s/client’s responses. (Don’t be afraid to tell them how they should respond)
  7. Motivate them with a clear call to action.

In other words, you need to put together a pitch that communicates how your products/services are special and compels your customers to buy. If they don’t feel like they NEED your product, they won’t buy. You need to answer a question, solve a problem or feed an obsession.

You need to provide them with all the information they need to make an informed and confident decision. Buyer’s remorse is one of the worst things that can happen.

Avoid the marketing pitfalls

There are 5 major marketing pitfalls many businesses fall into which you should avoid. They…

  • Ignore market testing and push on with an inaccurate plan.
  • Offer an incomplete case, or reasons, throughout their marketing plan.
  • Fail to notice the needs of their prospective customers/clients.
  • Fail to diversify their marketing options.
  • Fail to get market opinions on their offers.

This article will be continued in the next blog post.

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Press Releases – Free Publicity!

There are three key areas of free publicity you can use to boost your advertising results ten-fold over your paid advertising.


Those three areas are:

  • Public relations
  • Merchandising
  • Promotions

With a solid plan in place that encompasses all these areas, you’ll have a great approach to use free publicity in the best way possible. To help you begin to develop your plan, let’s look at public relations.

Public relations include everything that is considered media. But don’t limit yourself by only giving consideration to conventional media. Be willing to think outside the box. The attention of newspapers, television, radio, magazines, bloggers, ezines and more are all equally powerful. However, in today’s world which is so internet savvy, online marketing is just as, if not more, important as conventional media.

To get your creative juices flowing consider these steps which can help you get noticed by the media:

  1. Put together a press release for your company. The press release should be relevant to your target market and address consumer interest, not just announce your business.
  2. Design your press release to include one hook and one angle. Choose the most attention-getting hook you can think of to make sure the media person you are sending it to is interested in reading it.
  3. Deliver your press release with professional formatting. With press releases you need a dateline, the most important information at the top, facts and figures in the body then wrap it up with contact details including who and how. Print the press release on your letterhead.
  4. Send your press release to all television and radio stations, local and metro newspapers, national newspapers, industry magazines, and any other form of media that reaches your target market. Don’t forgot to include relevant blogs, ezines, press release submission sites and to industry professionals.

More important than creating a perfectly formatted press release is to make certain you have addressed the needs of your target market in the products/services you offer. If this isn’t clear in the press release, you have squandered a great opportunity for the publicity you seek and need. If you are providing people a solution to a problem, a way to avoid a problem or an opportunity to enhance their life, and you make this abundantly clear in your press release, the media and public will be interested.

If you have a connection (or the ability to get a connection) with a celebrity (even a local one!), ask if you can use their name as reference. This can practically guarantee you’ll get more attention. Make sure you are offering newsworthy information, and then follow up with media outlets to make sure they are publicizing that information.

“One of the most powerful techniques every business should use is free publicity. As the name implies, there is no cost, just the time and effort required to attract attention to your business.” Jay Abraham

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